Jane S. Anderson

Jane Anderson, President of Strength Based Living LLC, is dedicated to harnessing what’s best in individuals and groups. In her own quest for excellence, she completed over forty-five consecutive 30-day challenges and continues to cultivate happiness and success. To learn more about her strengths journey, go to the About Jane page.

30 Days of Character Strengths

30 Days of Character Strengths

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Genre: Self Help

Strength based living is a journey toward living a joyful, meaningful life. It amplifies and celebrates what’s right within you, what you’re naturally good at, and who you are at your best. In other words, it’s about crafting your work and life around your personal strengths. In thirty days, shift from what’s wrong to what’s strong, turning knowledge into wisdom and practice into positive habits. Soar higher, rise up to challenges, show your true colors, and elevate others!

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