30 Days of Character Strengths

30 Days of Character Strengths

Celebrate What's Right Within You!

Strength based living is a journey toward living a joyful, meaningful life. It amplifies and celebrates what’s right within you, what you’re naturally good at, and who you are at your best. In other words, it’s about crafting your work and life around your personal strengths. In thirty days, shift from what’s wrong to what’s strong, turning knowledge into wisdom and practice into positive habits. Soar higher, rise up to challenges, show your true colors, and elevate others!

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About the Book

Get ready to put your character strengths into practice! Character strengths are human traits, like Creativity, Perseverance, and Love of Learning, that help ignite what’s best in individuals, families, teams, and organizations.

30 Days of Character Strengths: A Guided Practice to Ignite Your Best is a resource to help you pursue your unique character strengths as pathways to happiness and success. If you seek to elevate what’s best in yourself or others – your children or grandchildren, clients, team members, employees, or students – this deep dive into many facets of character strengths will fuel your journey.

Based in the rigors of science from fields such as positive psychology and neuroscience, the activities in this book will cultivate your knowledge and practice of character strengths. Each activity is preceded by a story and/or compelling research to introduce the activity. It is followed by a reflection question to help you derive meaning from the activity.

At the end of 30 days, in as little as ten minutes daily, your strengths practice will be soaring. You’ll develop a meaningful understanding of your strengths as you turn your knowledge into wisdom and your practice into positive habits. Work independently or work with a trusted friend, colleague, or professional. Use the activities over and over to explore strengths in new situations you face each day, whether reaching for a dream or facing adversity.

Soar higher. Rise up to challenges. Show your true colors. Elevate others. Begin your journey today.

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"With just the right mix of theory and practice, Jane Anderson has put together an accessible and rigorous strength-based guideline to both success and happiness.  Day by day, this book will help you ignite what’s best within you, your work and relationships."
– Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, Bestselling author of Happier and The Joy of Leadership, and founder of the Happiness Studies Academy
“To get and to give the most in your life, keep close at hand 30 Days of Character Strengths.  It presents important breakthrough discoveries in positive psychology at a much needed time, and in a well-articulated, practical manner.  Jane Anderson has given us a roadmap for developing new strength based habits to improve our lives.  Don’t just read it…USE it!”
– Donna Mayerson, PhD, Advisor for Applied Practice at the global non-profit VIA Institute on Character
“Ready for transformation? Give yourself the gift of a 30-day strengths practice in Jane Anderson’s book…Jane is a gentle and thorough guide who unlike most practitioners and scholars in positive psychology, digs wide and deep into the character strengths work, uncovering all the nooks and crannies of character strengths practices. No longer can there be an excuse to not work with your strengths! As with meditation practices, people are quick to see the benefit of character strengths practices but slow to establish a daily practice routine. This book fills that gap. Follow Jane’s lead and your strengths practice will be soaring by the end of the month!”
– Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, Author of Character Strengths Interventions: A Field Guide for Practitioners and Mindfulness and Character Strengths; Education Director at the VIA Institute on Character
”30 Days of Character Strengths is an eminently practical book that achieves its aims: to help us explore our lives through a lens of strengths. Half-way through the book, I was thinking “I want to give this to my children” and highlighting what I wanted to try in my work with clients in therapy and coaching. Jane Anderson candidly shares her own personal and professional experiences and distills research findings to help us see how our goals, relationships and all sorts of situations in everyday life can benefit from a strengths perspective. With humor, kindness and creativity, the author helps readers establish a unique daily practice. I especially like how she invites us to reflect in writing, using very original writing prompts. By writing about ourselves from this perspective, we can develop personal narratives that are more inclusive of our strengths and can enrich our sense of who we are.“
– Margarita Tarragona, PhD, author of Positive Identities: Positive Psychology and Narrative Practices
”In her own quest for excellence, Jane Anderson has completed more than forty 30-day practices and continues to promote positive habit formation. She has created a 30-day guide to help you incorporate awareness of character strengths into your own specific context, whether you need to advocate for your children, deal with difficult people, or feel more engaged at work. The activities in this workbook can help you turn knowledge into wisdom and practice into firm habits.“
– Kathryn H. Britton, Writing Mentor and Executive Coach, Co-Author of Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life and Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person's Guide to Optimal Health and Performance
“In clear, direct, inspiring style Jane Anderson provides a template for positive strength-based behavior change that not only enables any of us to build a more optimistic approach to daily living, she structures for us the opportunity to become our best selves.  Research abounds about the value of leading from strengths in order to thrive and to manage difficult moments well.  Through her elegant guidance, we are encouraged to elevate those qualities and virtues that bring our best self to the fore when we are in internal conflict, wrestling with difficult others, or conversely creating a happy home or building a dream. This work is for everyone:  the manager who seeks to form a more effective team, the parent who wants to flood their home with efficacy and optimism, the adult who is ready for excellence and the young adult who searches for balance and inspiration from within.”
– Maria Sirois, PsyD author of A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (and Other, Dark Difficult Times)
“In 30 Days of Character Strengths, Jane Anderson provides an elegant, accessible, rigorous practice-based approach to living deeply from your character strengths. Following her approach, you will experience a radical positive change in your self-understanding, elevate your own positivity and that of others, and begin expressing yourself fully and authentically. Her style and approach give me the feeling that I am on this 30-day journey with a friend and expert.”
– Karen S. Whelan-Berry, PhD, Associate Professor at Springfield College, Manager of Research Development at Wholebeing Institute
“Jane Anderson’s 30 Days of Character Strengths is timely and important as it relates to developing character, elevating people to be their best, and contributing to the greater good. It is well written and user friendly in its balance of theory and practice. I heard her unique voice throughout – she is there every step of the way - encouraging and creating the way power to go deeper in our individual strengths journeys. This guided strengths practice can help anyone - regardless of their familiarity with character strengths.  I can't wait to share it with clients!   If you wish to take the next step on your journey, this is the resource for you!”
– Phoebe Atkinson, Psychotherapist, Faculty at Wholebeing Institute
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About the Author
Jane S. Anderson

Jane Anderson, President of Strength Based Living LLC, is dedicated to harnessing what’s best in individuals and groups. In her own quest for excellence, she completed over forty-five consecutive 30-day challenges and continues to cultivate happiness and success. To learn more about her strengths journey, go to the About Jane page.

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