Strength Based Living Is Backed By Research and Experience.

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VIA Survey

A free, scientific assessment to
measure character strengths and
help clients identify their unique
strengths profile.

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SBL Blog

A free, bi-monthly publication offering strength-based practices and resources to strengths enthusiasts for application in their personal or professional lives.


30 Days of Character Strengths FB Challenge

People who have bought my book and wish to connect with others, and me, for 30 days, to learn and share about their daily practices as they complete the practices in the book

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My Book

A crash course in character strengths with 30 days of guided strengths-based practices/activities to complete to expand strengths knowledge, skill, and awareness

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Strengthening Your Strengths

A 1.5 hour 1:1 coaching session to explore how to interpret and use VIA survey results.



1:1 Coaching

A package of three to six 1-hour coaching sessions based on an agenda co-created by client that focuses on strength-based approach to clarifying and troubleshooting obstacles to current goals.

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An 8-week 1:1 program to guide client through strength-based approach to clarifying, mapping, and achieving something they want more of or wish to create new.

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Rise and Thrive in 2021

An 8-week companion course to my book, virtual or face-to-face, for groups up to 30 people.

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