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Three Strengths Practices for The Changing Seasons

Greetings! As we approach Thanksgiving here in the Midwest, we get a break from the hot summer weather, the colors of leaves turn into a beautiful array of hues, and our hearts and minds turn to the upcoming holiday season. I love all the seasons because each one brings about unique changes. In the spirit

The Return

How do you respond when your efforts to follow healthy habits aren't enough? Positive habits can go by the wayside when your schedule changes or priorities shift. The practice below - The Return - is essential to reestablishing your favorite life-affirming habits. Before you get started, be sure to check any “shoulds” or self-judgment at the door!

Create Space

In our frenzied daily lives, we all need space to maneuver effectively through the chaos. When besieged by stress, we can use character strengths to create spacious moments, cultivate confidence, and shift into new possibilities. Try the 3-minute practice below as a way to get grounded in your strengths and create space. The Inspiration

Learn from Obstacles

Think of all the things you could accomplish if only the things that stop you in your tracks didn’t exist! Self-doubt, perfectionism, and other peoples’ expectations can sabotage your best efforts before they even begin. Whether you’re learning to become more mindful, setting a challenging goal, or solving a tough problem, your character strengths can

Promoting Peace

The news these days is filled with devastating reports about atrocities occurring in Ukraine. Sadly, we know of atrocities happening in other parts of the world, too. Perhaps not in the same ways, but devastating nonetheless. I’ve been thinking about what it might take to stop wars, create stability, and promote peace. If we could

Using Strengths as Superpowers

Some people describe character strengths as superpowers. The challenge is: how can you engage your superpowers in meaningful ways? The practice below offers an activity you can try in a personal or professional setting, no cape required. The Inspiration I recently had the honor of presenting a webinar entitled How to Use Your

Find Flow

Modern living is not for the faint of heart. Think about the challenges we face each day. For instance, how do we gather safely with friends and relatives, or adjust to constantly changing work environments? These are unprecedented times and might be for the foreseeable future. This long-term state of uncertainty has left many of us

Boosting Stress Resilience

Happy Holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or the new year, this time of year can be filled with joy and sorrow, endings and beginnings, and of course, added stress. There’s bound to be stress around the holidays. Stressors -- like navigating bad weather, confronting differences in relationships, or tending to commitments -- can bring

Mindful Activity

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday with family, friends, and neighbors. In my "mature" age, I've been thinking about the nature of life, complete with its ups and downs, and the moments in between. I find these moments to be like pauses that soften the rough edges of daily stressors from the pandemic, the

Combining Mindfulness with Strengths

“Mindfulness opens the door to potential self-improvement and growth while character strengths use is often the growth itself.” -Niemiec, R.M. (2014) In life, there are times that feel joyful, spacious, and heartwarming. There are other times that feel depleting and heartbreaking. It’s during the difficult times that clients often ask me an important question:

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