Can you believe we’re approaching the end of 2022? Sometimes it’s nice when time flies by, but this time of year I like to slow down, feel the anticipation of the upcoming holidays and new year, and appreciate life’s many blessings.

One of those blessings, for me, is you! Whether you’re new to this newsletter or a longtime reader, I want to thank you for your time and engagement. I’m experimenting with a new format to keep things fresh for you. Last month, the engagement level was so high I decided to offer it again. This month I have selected 3 previous posts specifically written for navigating the holiday season and year-end.

Let’s finish the year strong. Happy Holidays!

May your presence in the world be fueled by your strengths,

For Navigating Stress

Instead of feeling the frenzy of the holiday season, what if you could simply trust yourself to handle life’s challenges? The good news is: you can! Boost Your Stress Resilience During the Holidays helps with the common feelings of overwhelm at this time of year. In this post, I share a popular TED talk about making stress your friend. I also discuss how to build your stress resilience by responding to stress in healthful, rather than harmful, ways.

If you feel the pressures of this holiday season getting to you, try boosting your stress resilience with these tips.

For Creating Ease

What do you want more or less of during the upcoming holidays? More ease, relaxation, or sleep? Less eating, drinking, or arguing with a relative? You can cultivate almost any desired outcome, even during frenetic times. The Mindful Activity leads you through a practice to add strengths and mindfulness to any activity.

Check out this practice to find more or less of the things you seek!

For Connecting

Spread Kindness offers resources and practices about kindness, the glue that holds society together (and not just during the holidays). Kindness begets kindness; when we express kindness to someone, they are likely to pass it on to someone else. However, it can be much more difficult to be kind to others with whom we disagree, or to ourselves.

This holiday season, get inspired to spread kindness in new ways to yourself and others.

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